This is the next generation of girls going wild

No longer persuaded by men with cameras and sold on late-night infomercials concealed with blue dots, it looks like this generation of young women capture their own adventures. With the ever-present phone held aloft to document the exploits of the night, they record everything from girl-on-girl to group sex to breast comparisons reflected in dorm room mirrors. It is simultaneously innocent-seeming and brazenly perverse. The site’s archives go on and on as each video seems to try and one-up the previous. says it pays $10,000.00 for videos submitted. Is it a hoax or is this a new way to pay for tuition without filling out the FAFSA paperwork? Could this be the crowd-funding alternative for those needing just a bit more for books while not having the time for 20-hours a week at Hooters? It hardly matters for most viewers. This raucous environment of girls with anything-goes attitudes feeds into the fantasy of promiscuous youth. Every man (without a daughter of a similar age) wants to believe this is what it is like to be young. That this is what always happened at the parties to which they were not invited. Gifted a second chance as these ladies kindly hold the all-powerful phone in front of their faces to gift a feeling of being there for the voyeur. Different from the feeling you get from creeping in the windows or from a hidden camera on the nightstand. This is the voyeur that is included. This is the voyeur that is asked to come along and bear witness to these outrageous acts.

Yes, these are outrageous acts. Committed with the devil-may-care attitude that is expected of youth. Much like the tattoos on many of their firm bodies, it is hard to believe these videos will not be equally– or more so –regretted in time.

Which makes that aforementioned remembrance of the old infomercials worth revisiting. Wasn’t it some outraged parent who sued after finding their underage daughter on television? Some scandal in some spring bread destination like Cancun or Ibiza that made anyone in possession of the DVD feel a little bit dirty, if not feel like an actual accomplice? It made it all seem a smidge dirtier. More exploitive that thought to be before. Predatory.

Maybe this site inspires the same feeling in some. A cultural depravity of the young who want to be seen regardless of the aftermath. Brief internet sensations or even briefer moments of feeling wanted in front of a camera.

Though, for a few others, the difference is seen in who is holding the camera. Not that it matters if it is a freshman looking to pay for next term or a professional sex worker called in for the wages of a night. No, the difference is that it is the woman holding the camera and it feels different when they are recording it. There with their voices recorded louder than the rest, giving cheers and commands at the performances lewdly acted out. It almost absolves the guilty porn watcher by the fact that it is an act the participants seem blissful to share.

However, for most, this is just another outlet for an urge. An experiential release while glimpsing some gorgeous bodies doing things that would previously only thought to be done in fantasy. It satisfies this urge with frequent updates and countless free teasers littering the internet.

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